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Fiona spent her childhood in Cambridge before heading to the University of Hertfordshire where she studied law, subsequently becoming a solicitor with a specialisation in commercial property.

Fiona would describe herself as not having been political until she was overheard discussing the London Riots whilst talking with a friend in a pub and was approached by someone who turned out to be the secretary for the Cambridge Labour Party. He asked her to think about joining: she did and would later go on to become a County Councillor for King’s Hedges in Cambridge. Whilst serving on the council Fiona was spokesperson for Children and Young People, and it was during this time that she moved to Peterborough.

As Peterborough’s MP, Fiona engaged with local plans for a university in Peterborough, methods for combating fly-tipping, and looked at ways to help the local NHS.

Outside of the political arena, Fiona is an active member of her church and is an avid reader, but she also loves dogs and enjoys spicy food.

Fiona with Rose Hudson-Wilkin (Speaker’s Chaplain)

Contact Fiona

Twitter: @fiona_onasanya
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FionaOnasanya/

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